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Questions do does and did

Questions can bring and keep things in motion. With CirQleer we like to stimulate the human natural curiosity and let answers bring forth new Questions. With the manufacturing industry having moved overseas in the past decades,  it’s about time to establish again a center in Europe  where knowledge can be maintained and  gathered to be better in charge of the organization of our production chains.

A place where people new in the field for example can  be introduced in accessible language to processes of chemistry (positive and negative) and/or can study the impact on the environment resonating in the sourced raw materials from farming and agriculture.

In the Dutch language “leer” as part of the name CirQleer, carries a double meaning: “to learn” and “leather”.

Foundation CirQleer is established as a need for educational institutes, retailers, consumers and producers.

As part of a desire to be able to speak the same language again (this doesn’t mean you can’t disagree) free of marketing slogans but by being better informed. And for the recognition of these beautiful centuries old but innovative sectors were so  many people of expertise dedicate their time and energy to the improvement of products available for a varied group of consumers.

Foundation Cirquleer is co- founded in The Netherlands by: Irene van den Assum, Lidi Schilder, Matthea van Staden

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Processing cutting waste and leftover materials

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